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  • Epidural Anesthesia
    The definition, types, advantages and disadvantages of epidural are explained here
  • Local Anesthesia
    The definition of local anesthesia and the risk factors involved in this
  • Natural Delivery Techniques
    Different techniques that can be used when trying to labor without using any medical interventions are explained here
  • Pudendal Block
    Things to know about a pudendal block are explained here
  • Spinal Block
    What one needs to know about a spinal block is explained here
  • General Anesthesia
    How is General Anesthesia given and the situations in which a health care provider may decide to give General Anesthesia
  • Narcotics
    The advantages and disadvantages of taking narcotics during childbirth ARE FULLY EXPLAINED HERE
  • Patterned Breathing
    The benefits and procedure of practiced patterbed is explained here
  • Relaxation Techniques
    The relaxation techniques are explained to elevate many fears with the anticipation of giving birth