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This week of pregnancy you start counting from your last menstrual period, but since most women are not aware of the exact day they conceived their baby, it makes sense. No pregnancy symptoms will be evident this week.

Many mother-to-be's can, however, remember the day their period started, so it makes a clear starting point for determining your baby's due date. It can be a bit confusing to remember to begin counting from when your period starts and that in reality you don't become pregnant until about 2 weeks later. For example, if your doctor or midwife says you are 12 weeks pregnant (from your LMP), then you conceived approximately 10 weeks ago

You may be thinking about starting a family at this point. While planning to conceive, take the time to prepare your body for motherhood. Start planning ahead (if you haven't already), by making sure you and your baby won't be exposed to harmful things during pregnancy. You should start taking prenatal vitamins or vitamin supplements. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and using over-the-counter meds now. You should begin good habits now- before conception- to give your baby the best possible start.

At the end of week one of pregnancy, your menstrual period should have let up and your uterine lining begins to build up once again and the uterine lining thickens to soon receive the egg. Several of your eggs are ripening and one ovary or the other is preparing to release a single egg that is ready for fertilization.