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You aren't pregnant yet and of course no pregnancy symptoms. Now is the time for you to have sexual intercourse without protection if you want to become an expectant mother. This is your optimum time to make love every day to help maximize your chances of conceiving.

 By the end of this week (or the beginning of next week), your egg is waiting in the fallopian tube for your partner's millions of sperm to travel from your vagina to meet it.

During this week, your body will be getting ready for ovulation. You might possibly be experiencing some cramping towards the end of the week, signaling that you are ovulating.

Your uterus is forming a blood rich lining that is called the endometrium.

Estrogen hormone levels increase as a result the cervix starts to produce cervical mucus, which assists the sperm in swimming up to the fallopian tubes to meet your egg after ovulation (or to wait for your egg just prior to ovulation).

By the end of this week, conception may have taken place. Go on to week 3 to see what comes next.