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Up until now, we've been measuring your baby's crown-to-rump length. Your baby's total length from head to toe is 15 1/2- 16 1/2 inches and your baby weighs close to 2 1/2 pounds. Each day of your pregnancy that passes brings your baby closer to birth and closer to completing the prenatal phase of development. Your baby's ability to thrive outside your womb improves with each passing day. More below: 

Changes in You:

Your weight gain by this week of pregnancy is probably close to 20 pounds or more. As you get closer to delivery, you may be finding it more and more difficult to sleep through the night. The size of your abdomen may make it seem impossible for you to find a comfortable position. Also, the natural anticipation, or even anxiety, may make you have sleep problems. The best position for sleeping in late pregnancy is on your left or right side, with your legs and knees bent. To deal with anxiety, the relaxation exercises you learned in childbirth classes can help you even now, well before labor begins.