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This week of pregnancy, your baby is about 20-20 1/2 inches in length and weighs over 5 1/2 pounds. Babies delivered around this time tend to lose considerably more weight than a full-term baby because their digestive tract is still too immature for complete independence. As a sort of safety precaution, the babies store nutrition from their mother against the possibility of an early birth. By now, your baby's arms and legs are beginning to be chubby as more and more fat is deposited. Fat deposits increase from about 2% at mid-pregnancy to 12-15% at term. More below:

Changes in You:

Your baby might "drop" (shift into your pelvis) before labor begins, but not all babies drop prior to the onset of labor. If your baby drops (this is also called "lightening" or "settling"), you will begin to notice a decrease in lap space when seated, a sudden ease of breathing and more stomach capacity (since the load has shifted down), more pelvic pressure, and more frequent urination- maybe even slight incontinence. At each prenatal visit, your doctor will check to see if your baby has dropped into your pelvis.