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This week of pregnancy your baby is a not even an inch in length, but about the size of a cherry.

Your baby's eye lids are beginning to form, but until their growth is complete; the eyes look open. The tip of the nose is present and the ears are forming internally and externally.

Your baby's heart has 140-150 fluttering beats per minute- about twice as many as yours!

Arms are growing, and wrists and elbows are evident. Your baby's hands and feet are shaped like paddles, while the fingers and toes are beginning to form. Muscle contractions are starting, but early movements aren't noticeable to you, yet. More below:

Changes in You:

Your waistline is likely to have expanded a bit by the end of this week, but the changes are very gradual. Your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit this week.

You may be having some heartburn, indigestion, or a feeling of being bloated. Make sure you wear loose-fitting clothes and remember to eat small, frequent meals and don't overfill your stomach. If your heartburn becomes bothersome enough to keep you from eating properly, your doctor may prescribe an antacid. But never take any over-the-counter medications without talking to your doctor first.

You should have your first prenatal visit with your doctor soon. This is typically the longest, most thorough appointment. Your doctor will usually begin with a review of your medical history, then check your weight, height, blood pressure and quite possibly a physical examination. During your first prenatal visit, you can expect to have several lab tests, which will include: blood tests, urine sample and a cervical sample (a sample of cells collected during the pelvic exam).